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Term of Us


All guests must abide by our terms and conditions prior to booking. Please read below carefully and if you have any questions - please dont hesitate to email us at any time...


Important. When using the term "Surf Camp Panaitan" we prefer to the website  and  All Surf Camp Panaitan's bookings are on behalf of each respective camp. Please note Surf Camp Panaitan does not take any part in the actual running of the camps. Only use Surf Camp Panaitan as a way of booking. Any legal matters deriving from a trip to the camp will not be directed at Surf Camp  Panaitan but should be made towards the owners of the camps.


Surf Camp Oanaitan is not liable for any damage to any personal items, theft, illness, injury or death caused while travelling or staying in any of the camps listed on this website.


Surf Camp Panaitan reserves the right to cancel a person's accommodation due to inappropriate behaviour.



There are no refunds once final payment has been received (unless you can find someone else to transfer your spot.)


Surf Camp Panaitan reserves the right to withdraw a booking if full payment isnt made  within 2 weeks of departure. Remember that deposits secure room spaces. No deposit - means no reservation.


All rooms are provided purely on a first come first served basis. It's the guests obligation to find out what room they'll be given during the booking process. Air conditioned rooms will be offered first. Once these rooms are filled, guests booking afterwards will only be offered the remaining fan rooms.


Surf Camp Panaitan a recommends travel insurance and it is the responsibility of the guest to arrange his or her travel insurance prior to the departure of their country of origin.


Surf Camp Panaitan is not liable in any situation to pay extra expenses, which may be due to delays, natural disasters, war, civil unrest, terrorism, acts of god etc.


Surf Camp Panaitan  is not responsible for any guests actions and will not be involved in any legal matters related to crime, drugs or anything that is against the law, both in the guests country of origin and/or Indonesia.


Surf Camp Panaitan s guests must have 6 months validity in their passport. Surf Camp Surf Camp Panaitan  will not be held responsible for any matters related to immigration and take no responsbility regards to customers visas. Guests should be aware that tourist visa's obtained on entry at any port in Indonesia is a 30-day non-extendable visa.


Surf Camp Panaitan cannot under any situation extend a visa and will not be held liable for an overstay under any circumstances.


Surf Camp Panaitan  recommends that guests seek medical advice before departure and take the neccessary medicines/vaccinations instructed by their doctor.


All visitors to Indonesia must pay departure tax - at both international and domestic airports.

Currently, at time of writing, the figure is 100,000 rp for departure from Indonesia. Domestic flights departure tax of 30,000rp.


Surf Camp Panaitan  recommends all guests should check all safety issues, travel warnings, information and advisories related to entering Indonesia before departing their country of origin. It is the guests decision to enter Indonesia if there is danger present.


All guests, if under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Surf Camp Panaitan  will not refund any portion of any trip if related to injury, sickness, unlawful behaviour or homesickness. The Surf Camp will assist the guest to the best of their ability, but will not put any other guest in danger.


All luggage requirements and limitations are the same as the international airline standard. A 25 kg limit to suitcases or any bag and the maximum amount of surfboards, bodyboards, longboards, kneeboards to be transported to and from Jakarta is 5. Surf skis are too bulky and so will not be acceptable to bring to any surf camp.


Surf Camp Panaitan  is not liable for any internet or computer related issues that may arise due to the course of the booking process.


Surf Camp Panaitan  has the right to alter travel schedules due to weather conditions, safety issues or situations beyond our control.


Surf Camp Panaitan  has informed the guest that all travel is at the guests own risk. Searching in remote locations may lead to dangers in which the guest has total responsibility in agreement to engagement.


Surf Camp Panaitan will do our utmost to maintain the prices indicated, however prices may need to be adjusted due to circumstances beyond our control. Surf Camp Panaitan reserves the right to amend prices, before or after your booking, until the full payment is received.


Surf Camp Panaitan  reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.


Costs not included in Price: Excess Baggage, Personal Spending money, Food not prepared by Surf Camp Panaitan (eating out is additional cost) Alcohol, Travel Insurance, Airport Departure Taxes for internation and domestic flights in indonesia, Passport and Inoculation costs, Personal costs incurred through delay in transport or mechanical breakdown.


Surf Camp Panaitan  is not held responsible for tickets once they are obtained by the guests. We will not be responsilbe for airline tickets being lost once they have reached the hands of the guests.


Surf Camp Panaitan  is secure with all booking information and will not forward on information obtained, exept for matters related to the law which directly effect us.