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Panaitan Ecolodge is located remotely, in a pristine tropical paradise with no access to shops or stores of any kind.
Because of our remote location we recommend you pack accordingly, bringing along anything you may need while visiting.To assist you in packing for your trip, we have included a list of items you may find useful / important.


Have fun packing!


Tropical Climate Clothing


  1.     Long & Short sleeves T-shirts
  2.     Long loose pants (and/or long skirts for women)
  3.     Swimwear (2 or 3 pairs of boardshorts / bikinis)
  4.     Sarongs
  5.     Sun Hat, Sunglasses (a backup pair is recommended)
  6.     Underwear
  7.     Socks for your flight
  8.     Sandals, Flipflops, light sneakers to walk in the bush
  9.     Beach Towel / Chamois Sports Towel


Medical Supplies

  1.     Malaria Medication (seek medical advice before your trip)
  2.     Prescription Medicines
  3.     Anti-inflammatory Pills
  4.     Pain Killers
  5.     Antibiotics in case of infection (check with your GP)
  6.     Band Aids, Medical Tape, Gauze
  7.     Antiseptic Treatment
  8.     Antibiotic Cream or Powder
  9.     Aqua Ear or other treatment
  10.     Clear Eyes or other Eye Drops
  11.     Aloe / After Sun Moisturizing Lotion
  12.     PawPaw cream for rashes
  13.     Women is hygiene products & Medications
  14.     Nail clippers / scissors



  1.     General Toiletries (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shaving kit, face moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, brush, cotton buds)
        Electrolites, Berrocca
  2.     Mosquito Repellant (spray or cream is prefered, please avoid bringing aerosols
  3.     Zinc / Sunscreen / Sunblock


Technical Gear

  1.     Indonesian Power Adapter (2 round pins)
  2.     Laptop, Ipad, Ipod, Phone with cables and chargers (to access Wifi)
  3.     Cameras, cables, chargers
  4.     Waterproof camera (GoPro), memory card, cables, chargers
  5.     Zip Drive, USB stick (for photos)
  6.     Pen, Pencil, Journal, etc.
  7.     Sports or stainless water bottle (we appreciate your help to minimize plastics)
  8.     Small backpack or waterproof carrybag
  9.     Yoga mat
  10.     Flashlight / Headlamp