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Surfing with perfection the perfect waves of the Ments require the perfect boards.

Here are few tips on how to pack your quiver


How many boards ?


Don't spend the time and money to go there without the right equipment! Bring at least 2 boards if possible but three is optimum.

You'll be allowed to travel on most airlines with a 23 kilograms board bag (or sports equipment bag as they call it).

This is about 3 boards with extra padding or 4 with very little extra padding. Most people bring 2-3 boards as people are known to break a board in a trip
Along with your boards consider a minimum of three leg ropes, a few bars of warm wax, a small ding repair kit.


Which boards ?


As a general rule bring boards and fins designed to handle fast and powerful waves.

If the swell looks bigger, pack your boards accordingly with 2 of your everyday shortboards (6'0" - 6'4"), a step-up mid-sized board (6-5-6-9) and maybe a mini gun (6'10" - 7'2") if it is going to be huge.
If the forecast looks smaller you could pack more standard boards or even a step down or a fish, and leave the mini gun at home.


Usually, the biggest board you will ride is under 7'0" no matter how big it gets.
If you are used to riding a fish or quad, bring it, there is plenty of waves where these boards will go perfect.
Mini-mals & long boards can also be ridden. So are Stand Up Paddle boards.


If you are unsure on what boards to pack, you should pack the boards you are comfortable riding in good waves at home.


You should also pack a good selection of fins. Some people can adjust their standard short board to handle bigger and hollower waves by changing their fin setup and size of fin. You could also consider having boards that are glassed a bit heavier to make them stronger and eliminate breaking the board.